About Skatetexter

Matt Kuncaitis – Founder

Skatetexter is a skateboard business services company founded in 2018.

The concept of Skatetexter came to me when working at Titus Skateshop in Münster, Germany. It was here that I discovered how many great skateboarding shops and brands are operated by very small groups of people.

Naturally, running a thriving skateboarding business with limited help has its challenges.
In other industries, businesses can reach out to agencies to seek professional help and scale their business.

The problem is – the skateboarding industry is like no other industry.

Skateboarding culture is filled with nuances and ever-changing trends that can only be understood by true skateboarders.

Skatetexter exists to help skateboarding shops and brands reach their greatest potential online.

My areas of expertise include ecommerce management, SEO, web content, and social media management.

Unlike a traditional web agency, Skatetexter brings four years of experience in the skate industry and 17+ years as a dedicated skateboarder.

I work exclusively with skateboarding-related businesses and do not use a one-size-fits-all strategy.

While I live and breathe skateboarding, I’m also Google Analytics, Google Shopping Ads, and Google Search Ads certified.

I believe in the idea that the skate industry should be run by true skateboarders. We should work together to create the future of skateboarding that we envision!

Contact me for a free, no obligation discussion about how Skatetexter can help you grow your skateboarding business.

Happy Skateboarding!